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Dwight Talcott
Name Dwight Talcott
Family Lorna Talcott (mother)
Jonah Dekker (cousin)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Vondie Curtis-Hall
First Appearance "Reparations"

Dwight Talcott is a man who tried to rape Catherine Harrison for what her grandfather Grant Harrison did to his mother but he could't bring himself to do so.


When he was 6 years old and his mother Lorna and him went door to door for a registration drive a van pulls up next to them and three members of the Klan (one of whom is Grant) pull them inside and force Dwight to watch them brutalize and rape his mother while holding a gun to his head. When questioned Grant and his friends call Lorna a prostitute and they are never charged. This event would have a long lasting impact on Dwight. During the years Dwight has gotten addicted to drugs and committed theft in order to feed his drug habit. Years later Dwight got a job delivering fresh vegetables to a school. After having nightmares about his mothers rape Dwight hires a private investigator to track down the men who raped his mom and finds out that Grant is the only one who was still alive. He also learns that Grant had a daughter named Catherine who worked as a teacher at the school he delivered vegetables to and one day when he meets her in the parking lot he muttered "effing bitch" towards her.

He eventually decided to rape her as revenge against Grant. Later on Dwight is with his mother at a community center but leaves through the back door. When he breaks into Catherine's room he is about to rape her but despite his rage he could not bring himself to assault Catherine and leaves and returns to the community center. Later when Catherine identifies him as the man in her bedroom he is arrested while telling his mother he won't be home for supper. During interrogation he asks for an attorney and his cousin Jonah Dekker represents him. In court after hearing Catherine tell the court he raped her his cousin/attorney uses the fact that she first identified Kevin Wright as her rapist to discredit her which eventually causes Grant to have an outburst in the courtroom.

When it is reveals that Dwight's mother Lorna was gang raped by Grant and his friends Casey Novak offers him 20 years to life imprisonment for rape which he at first refuses but later agrees so his mother would not have to testify and relive the rape. At court when his mother tells him to be truthful he tells the court how he was going to rape Catherine but couldn't then asks to be sentenced for breaking and entering. When Catherine is arrested for perjury she and Dwight pass each other in the hallway where they apologize to each other. Dekker and Novak work out a deal that Dwight would serve 15 years in prison for the robbery.

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