Earl Talley
Name Earl Talley
Occupation Drug dealer
Status Alive
Actor Coy DeLuca
First Appearance "Friending Emily"
Last Appearance "Poisoned Motive"

Earl Talley is a drug dealer who became friends with Amanda Rollins' sister Kim.


Earl meets Kim when she visits her sister Amanda in New York, and he sells her some coke for $200. They go to Amanda's place to snort it, when Amanda comes home and kicks him out by showing him her Detective's badge. (SVU: "Friending Emily")

Earl starts stalking Amanda after she shoots and kills Kim's boyfriend, Jeff Parker, by leaving threatening texts on her phone. When Amanda is shot by a sniper, the police arrive at his apartment looking for him. When Earl hears them coming, he runs to the bathroom to flush his stash of drugs down the toilet. However, the Detectives find some meth he missed and ask him where he was when Amanda got shot, but when it is clear he wasn't the one who shot her, they let him go. (SVU: "Poisoned Motive")

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