Eddie Sandow
Eddie Sandow
Name Eddie Sandow
Title Hostage taker/gunman
Affiliation Son of jailed rapist
Occupation Producer
Family Parents and sister
Status Alive
Actor Cameron Monaghan
First Appearance "Father's Shadow"
Eddie Sandow is a 19-year-old teenager that worked with his father on casting for a reality television show. Unbeknownst to him, his father is sexually assaulting the females that come in for a part. He puts them in a cab to go home but he does not know they are being raped. He endures his father being sent to Rikers. His girlfriend, Jess, and her daughter live with him.

Eddie becomes a perpetrator when he realizes Jess talked to the police and he holds her and her daughter hostage with one of his father's guns. He has a special bond with Olivia and lets her in the apartment to tend to a gunshot wound he gave to Jess.

He eventually gives up his weapon to Olivia after she tells him about what his father did to his sister and he follows her out. Despite Olivia disagreeing, Eddie is forcibly detained. He is later put into the police car, his punishment for his actions unknown.

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