Eddie Thorpe
Eddie thorpe svu
Name Eddie Thorpe
Affiliation Hudson University
Occupation Student
Football player (former)
Status Alive
Actor Greg Finley
First Appearance "Gridiron Soldier"

Eddie Thorpe is a Hudson University student and football player who was a rape victim and an unwilling accomplice in the sexual assault of Cedric Jones.


During his freshman year of college, Eddie had a hard time dealing with all of the pressure he was put under by Coach Bill Becker and the team was ordered to make Eddie "man up." In response, the team raped Eddie with a broom handle. Afterwards, Eddie buried his rage towards the assault deep down and started to feel nothing. Eddie also suffered intense hazing on the football field from his teammates.

When Cedric Jones came to Hudson, Eddie, now a sophomore redshirt on the team, was assigned to help convince Cedric to join the university. He took part in a hazing ritual where gay male cheerleader Ty performed oral sex on Cedric while the team pretended it was cheerleader Tanya. The sexual assault led to Cedric beating a gay man named Freddie in a panic and being sent to prison.

During the SVU squad's investigation into Cedric's assault, Eddie was more open than the rest of the team with the squad, though he refused to help them much. At one point Eddie tells Amaro that he's not a dumb jock and knows his rights. After an attempted suicide leaves Cedric with a broken neck, multiple members of the team are arrested, including Eddie. Under questioning, Eddie reveals things that cause Amaro and Bensen to realize he too was raped and was pushing off the burden he was carrying on Cedric. Enraged, Eddie punched his fist through a window and told them he felt nothing anymore.

With Eddie's accusations, Coach Becker and several members of the football team were arrested. It was discovered that Eddie was one of at least four players who had been sexually assaulted and even raped.

Amaro later visits Eddie on the university football field and tells him that Coach Becker took a plea deal so what happened to Eddie never has to come out and his future in the NFL doesn't have to be affected. However, Eddie tells Amaro that he's quitting football anyway because he is actually gay. Eddie explains that he can't spend another ten years in the closet which he would have to if he went into the NFL. When Amaro tells Eddie he's making a big sacrifice, Eddie tells him that he's not, he's taking the coward's way out. Eddie tells Amaro that the big sacrifice would be if he went into the NFL and then came out as gay and states that he's not ready for that and neither is the NFL before walking away. (SVU: "Gridiron Soldier")

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