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Eileen Willick

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Eileen Willick
Eileen Willick
Name Eileen Willick
Pathology Serial killer
Family Marty Willick (husband)
Emily Willick (daughter; deceased)
Daniel Willick (son; deceased)
Caroline Willick (daughter; deceased)
Gary Willick (adopted son; removed)
Unborn child
Status Institutionalized
Actor Julie Boyd
First Appearance "Precious"

Eileen Willick was a woman suspected of murdering her children.


She was discovered to have murdered three of her infant children and attempted to murder a foster child due to suffering from a form of Munchhausen syndrome by proxy.

When it was discovered that she had murdered her children, an attempt was made to imprison her for a lesser sentence under the condition that she be sterilized, but the attempt was unsuccessful. However, when it was discovered that she was pregnant again, her husband testified about the murders she committed and had her institutionalized to get her help.

She tried to delay sentencing until after she gave birth, but was unsuccessful.

It was hoped that by the time she was released, her child would be old enough to defend itself from her. (L&O: "Precious")

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