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Elaine Frye Cavanaugh

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Elaine Frye Cavanaugh
Name Elaine Frye Cavanaugh
Pathology Child molester
Family Roger Frye (ex-husband; deceased)
Grant Cavanaugh (husband; deceased)
June Frye (daughter with Roger)
Katie Cavanaugh (daughter with Grant)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Lisa Banes
First Appearance "Totem"

Elaine Frye Cavanaugh was a woman whose daughter Katie Cavanaugh sodomized and killed Marnie Foster. Her other daughter from her first marriage, June Frye, placed the body in a duffel bag in front of a church. While investigating the girl's death, detectives Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler discover that Elaine sexually abused both of her daughters.

She was imprisoned for the abuse and first-degree reckless endangerment in Marnie's death. (SVU: "Totem")

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