Elias Barrera
Name Elias Barrera
Occupation Student
Pathology Murderer
School shooter
Family Unnamed parents
Unnamed sister
Status Deceased
Actor Nicolas Martí Salgado
First Appearance "Baby Killer"

Elias Barrera was a seven-year-old boy who shot his classmate Carly Jackson to death.


His parents worked and spent time at the hospital because their baby daughter was born with a respiratory problem. Elias went to a daycare owned by Mrs. Strada. Elias's teacher, Mrs. Paredes, showed Detectives Stabler and Benson a picture that looks like Elias planned Carly's murder.

Later, it turns out that Elias was intending to shoot a gang of drug dealers after he witnessed them commit another shooting. When the drug dealers came to his school to get him, Elias tried to shoot at them, but he ended up shooting Carly instead by accident. When Elias talks to Dr. Elizabeth Olivet and she asks Elias what should happen to him, Elias believes that he would go to hell for what he did, as he is feeling completely remorseful of shooting Carly. Elias ended up being expelled from school and the state sent him a tutor.

Following the arrest of the drug dealers, Dr. Olivet says, in the trial, that Elias did not understand his actions and the charges are dropped against him for good; even the Jackson family are willing to forgive him for what he never meant to do. Unfortunately, Elias later gets killed by a twelve-year-old kid named T.J., who angrily refuses to believe that it was all an accident, saying, "You can't kill a sister and just walk." T.J. would later be arrested for murdering Elias, leaving Stabler to worry if the cycle of violence will still continue. (SVU: "Baby Killer")