Elias Grace
Elias Grace
Name Elias Grace
Occupation Businessman
Pathology Bomber
Mass murderer
Family Valerie Grace (wife)
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Michael McKean
First Appearance "Mega"

Elias Grace is a mass murderer who bombed a helicopter, killing all six people on board, including his wife's lover.

After pleading guilty and testifying against his accomplice in the bombing, Elias was sentenced to life imprisonment, whilst his accomplice was executed.

Known Victims

  • January 19, 2000:
    • Joseph A. Callister (the target victim)
    • Frank Loransky (the pilot)
    • Elliot Patchett
    • Janelle Patchett (Elliot's wife)
    • Allie Patchett (Elliot and Janelle's daughter)
    • Tony Rollins