Elizabeth Stabler
Elizabeth Stabler 105
Name Elizabeth Stabler
Occupation Student
Family Elliot Stabler (father)
Kathy Stabler (mother)
Maureen Stabler (sister)
Kathleen Stabler (sister)
Richard Stabler (twin brother)
Elliot Stabler, Jr. (brother)
Bernadette Stabler
(paternal grandmother)
Joseph Stabler
(paternal grandfather)
Status Alive
Actor Patricia Cook
First Appearance "A Single Life"
Last Appearance "Pretend"

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Stabler (born February 21, 1993) is the fourth born child of Detective Elliot Stabler and Kathy Stabler. Her siblings are Maureen, Kathleen, her twin brother Dickie, and Elliot Jr.

Elizabeth practiced piano (SVU: "A Single Life") and was involved in several of her schools' plays (SVU: "Perverted").

Elizabeth is not seen past Season 8, but in the Season 10 episode, "Confession", her childhood picture is found to be in the possession of a pedophile which leads Elliot to furiously bash up the pedophile. 


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