Ella Christiansen
Ella Christiansen
Name Ella Christiansen
Occupation Student
Pathology Murderer
Family Everett Drake (father)
Unnamed mother
Unnamed stepmother
Unnamed child/half-sibling (deceased)
Unnamed son/half-brother
Status Institutionalized
Actor Schuyler Fisk
First Appearance "Taboo"

Ella Christiansen is the only daughter and child of Everett Drake and his first wife and the mother of two children, one of whom is deceased.


When Ella was 18, she began having a sexual relationship with her father that resulted in two pregnancies over the next two and a half years. Ella became suspected for murder in the death of her first child in Newark, New Jersey. However, as no charges were brought up against her, the investigation was dropped.

She was tried for the assault of her second child in New York, but was acquitted by reason of mental defect and is currently institutionalized. However, after she revealed to Detective Olivia Benson that her first child in New Jersey was alive when it was born and that she did kill it, charges were filed against her for its death after her release from the psychiatric facility, though it is likely that the same verdict was to be expected.

Just before she was committed, her father received an injunction barring him from having any contact with Ella's second child for life. (SVU: "Taboo")