Elliot "Mac" McEvoy was the alias used by Detective Elliot Stabler while he was undercover investigating parolee and rape suspect Ray Schenkel. ("Demons")

Fictional HistoryEdit

Originally a car mechanic, Mac had a decent job and a healthy relationship with a divorced woman with a 13-year-old daughter. This fell apart after he began to notice his would-be stepdaughter's developing body. At first he didn't dare act on any urges, but then he found her on an internet chatroom, and the two began an online affair. At some point, this affair became physical, and the two ended up sleeping together. When Mac's girlfriend found out, she had him arrested.

Mac served a relatively brief prison sentence, managing to make parole for good behavior, and was assigned to Parole Officer Craig Lennon. It was at Lennon's office that Mac first met Ray Schenkel, who'd just made parole after serving 20 years for a string of rapes he'd committed with his cousin in 1985.

In group, Mac demonstrated an unwillingness to take responsibility for his actions, and the group leader commented that he seemed to think he'd only been sent to prison for being caught having sex with an underage girl. The notes received by Lennon's office indicated that Mac was seen as at-risk for re-offending. Things were not helped by Mac's hostility towards the police during an unscheduled apartment search, during which Mac attempted to stare down Officer Odafin Tutuola.

Though initially cool towards each other, Mac and Ray became friends after discovering that Lennon had assigned them to the same floor of the same apartment complex, and that they were also in the same therapy group. Angry at the system that he felt had unjustly imprisoned him for having consensual sex with an underage girl, Mac saw his friendship with Ray as a way to rebel against the authorities without getting into too much trouble, while Ray saw Mac as potential new partner for a new crime spree. After group one night, Ray decided to cement their friendship by loaning Mac $800 to by a four-door van, saying that they could use the van to pick up girls.

A week later, Ray borrowed Mac's van after their group therapy session (Mac himself had been kept late that night by the group leader to discuss his behavior) and kidnapped a teenage girl. He picked Mac up and showed him the girl. Mac demonstrated no objections, and so the two drove to an abandoned auto parts factory.

At the factory, Ray insisted that Mac take the first turn raping the girl while he watched, but Mac complained that he couldn't get it up with another man watching him, so Ray left him and the girl alone, at which point Mac let the girl go. An enraged Ray attacked Mac, knocking him unconscious. When Mac came to, he found that Ray had handcuffed him, accusing him of being an undercover cop. Mac broke free and put Ray in a sleeper hold, incapacitating him. Eventually, the cops arrived and arrested both men for kidnapping, attempted rape, and parole violation.

Officially, Elliot McEvoy is now serving a long sentence at a New York state penitentiary, the name of which has been withheld to prevent any further contact between him and Ray Schenkel.

Trivia Edit

  • McEvoy may have been named for "Mad" Mickey McAvoy, the notorious mastermind behind the 1983 Brinks Mat robbery in England, who managed to get parole in 2000, despite having been given a 25-year sentence in 1984. 

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