Emiliano Ortiz
Name Emiliano Ortiz
Occupation Pimp
Pathology Murderer
Status Imprisoned
Actor Jose Edwin Soto
First Appearance L&O: "Tombstone"
Last Appearance TBJ: "Skeleton"

Emiliano Ortiz is a pimp and hitman who works for a pornographer named Shane Lucas.


Ortiz worked as a pimp using clubs and hotels as fronts for his business ventures. He eventually runs into a cop named Kenny Peluso and they make a deal; Peluso tips him to Vice stings and Ortiz lets him get with his girls. Ortiz later introduces Peluso to Shane Lucas at a party he is hosting. Lucas tries to recruit some of Ortiz' girls to appear in some B&D/simulates rape pornographic films but Ortiz says no. He is later arrested and imprisoned at Rikers and is eventually paroled.

Green ShootingEdit

In 2005, after hearing Peluso is talking to the cops, Shane Lucas offers Ortiz $10,000 to kill Peluso. Ortiz agrees and tracks Peluso to his house. He then takes out his gun wrapped in a towel and shoots Peluso twice in the chest and his escort, Detective Green, once in the chest. Peluso dies from his wounds while Green is taken to the hospital. (L&O: "Tombstone")

Ortiz later goes back to the halfway house he is staying at and hides the gun he used under the bed. Detective Fontana, Detective Green's partner, and D.A. Investigator Salazar later bust down his door and search his room. Ortiz protests and when he makes a sarcastic remark about Fontana wanting a date, Fontana smacks him. When asked about his involvement in the shooting, he denies any involvement but Fontana tells him he was identified by Green and pulls out his gun. Fontana points it at Ortiz and asks where the gun he used is and after Ortiz tells them, he is arrested. He makes a deal for his cooperation and tells them about Lucas, including his motive. The DA's office wires him and try to get Lucas to confess but Ortiz is too eager and Lucas sees through the sting and is arrested. He later testifies at Lucas' trial and even after he is acquitted, Ortiz's deal is still good and he is currently serving two concurrent sentences of no less than 25 years in prison. (TBJ: "Skeleton")

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