Emily McCooper
Name Emily McCooper
Occupation Court officer
Pathology Kidnapper
Accessory to murder
Family Unnamed father
Status Imprisoned
Actor Maggie Siff
First Appearance "Gone"

Officer Emily McCooper is a court officer and the girlfriend of prime rape/murder co-suspect Nicky Pratt. At his behest, she bugged the office of Judge Elizabeth Donnelly to learn important details about Nicky and Doug Waverly's trial for the rape and murder of Jennifer Durning.

McCooper later kidnapped Jason King, the only reliable witness against Nicky and Doug, and took him to a business owned by Doug's father. There, the two collected Jason and later murdered him. McCooper was later arrested and imprisoned for the minimum term for her involvement in Jason's kidnapping and death. (SVU: "Gone")

Known VictimsEdit

  • Jason King (kidnapped; was later murdered by Nicky and Doug)

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