Emily Sullivan was a sixteen year old girl and the daughter of Gregory Sullivan.

Emily was found dead in her father's car by the NYPD Traffic Control Division. According to Assistant M.E. Cardillo, she was stabbed and slashed with a six-inch straight blade. She also had about a hundred small cuts on her body that were caused by manicure scissors. There were also cigarette burns, plus multiple contusions and head trauma. The trauma was probably inflicted before she died. Her hands and feet were duct taped, so she couldn't fight back. She was inside the trunk for most of the attack.

The night of her murder, Emily told her father that she was staying over at Andrea Kent's place. He called the Kents that night, and Emily returned his call about fifteen minutes later, so he had no reason to be worried about her. He filed a missing person report when she never made it to her school.

Emily attended the Tanner Day Academy, where she was a popular student. She was a close friend of Andrea Kent, Paige Summerbee, and Brittany O'Malley. Agnes Linsky was one of the girls whom she teased relentlessly. She made Agnes' life miserable. Agnes and her father tried to get a restraining order against her. The judge and Emily's school principal, Andrew Kilgore, didn't find any merit to the claims.

Emily's best friend was Brittany O'Malley. Brittany was dating a twenty-something actor named Lukas Ian Croft. She wanted to test their friendship, and asked Lukas to hook up with Emily as well. Lukas had no problems with this, and started going out with Emily. Although Brittany was the one that arraigned the charade, she went crazy when she heard that Emily and Lukas were dating. Brittany used their relationship to convince Paige and Andrea to teach Emily a lesson. The three of them tied Emily up, and threw her in the trunk of her father's car. At first they started driving around with Emily, but things got out of hand. Brittany tortured Emily with manicure scissors and cigarettes, while Paige and Andrea witnessed the whole ordeal. Brittany eventually killed Emily, and was convicted by the Manhattan District Attorney's Office. She testified against Paige and Andrea so that they would be convicted as well. Brittany got a lesser sentence for her testimony. (SVU: "Mean")


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