Emma Butler
Name Emma Butler
Occupation Student
Pathology Accomplice to murder
Family Sandra Butler (mother)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Quinn Shephard
First Appearance "Lost Traveler"

Emma Butler is a fourteen-year-old girl who, along with her best friend Courtney Lane, was responsible for the death of a young Romani classmate named Nico Gray.

History Edit

At school, Emma sees an older student spit on Nico's hand. Afterwards, Emma and Courtney follow Nico and take him to a construction site, where they attacked him. Then, Courtney takes a lit cigarette and uses it to burn Nico's chest, arms, and scrotum. Courtney then kills him against Emma's wishes. They take his lucky rabbit's foot, go to a mentally handicapped man named Marc Rajik, and give him a handjob and the rabbit's foot, telling him not to tell anyone and they would give him more handjobs in the future. When the SVU detectives go to their school to question the students about Nico, Fin questions them and they tell him that they live on the same block as Nico did.

Later, when Amaro and Rollins question Emma and Courtney about Rajik, Emma tells Amaro that she worried about what would happen to Rajik after his mother died. She also tells Amaro that Rajik is creepy, while Courtney informs Rollins that she saw Rajik with Gray's rabbit foot. When Emma and Courtney go to Nico's parents house with flowers, they tell Amaro and Benson that the school is going to plant a tree for Nico. Emma proceeds to tell them that even though Rajik is locked in his room, he is able to get out at any time through the backdoor. Later, the detectives realize the two of them followed Nico. Emma is brought into the precinct with her mother Sandra, while Courtney is brought in with her father. When Amaro interrogates her, Emma tries to maintain that Rajik killed Nico but Amaro tells her that he knows she is lying. When Amaro tells her that he knows what she and Courtney did with Rajik, she asks him not to tell Sandra. When Amaro shows her a picture of Nico's dead body, she starts to cry and admits that Courtney tortured and killed him. She is then arrested. (SVU: "Lost Traveler")

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