Emma Spevak
Emma Spevak
Name Emma Spevak
Occupation Nurse
Pathology Serial killer
Family Thomas Spevak (father; deceased)
Margaret Spevak (mother; deceased)
Matt Spevak (twin brother; deceased)
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Jane Krakowski
First Appearance "Bound"

Emma Spevak was a serial killer who murdered several elderly women, along with her mother and her twin brother.


Emma grew up hating her mother Margaret, who openly favored her brother Matt and conversely treated her like a servant. She also resented Matt, who talked down to her and, along with their mother, forced her to work as a nurse and secretary at his home nursing company. As a young woman, Emma murdered her mother by injecting her with an air bubble, causing a fatal embolism, and making it look like she died of a stroke. She then began killing her brother's patients over a period of seven years.


The SVU detectives begin investigating when three of Emma's murders are connected to the nursing home. They initially suspect Matt of committing the murders because the wealthy victims named him in their wills, but he is found dead, supposedly killed in self-defense by one of his patients who then died herself, apparently from a stroke. Beforehand, he had apparently attacked Emma. However, M.E. Warner performs an autopsy of Matt's supposed murderer and discovers that air was injected into her brain. Since Matt died before the woman, he could not have done it, leaving Emma as the only possible suspect. Benson and Stabler come to suspect that Emma strangled herself to make it look like Matt had attacked her.

Dr. Huang theorizes that Emma killed her victims because she viewed them as surrogates for her mother. To get Emma to confess, Benson and Stabler reenact the sibling rivalry between Emma and Matt; Stabler puts on a show of verbal abuse and condescension towards Benson, who pretends to be angry and resentful. Emma confides in Benson that her mother had treated her the same way. Benson acts as a sympathetic ear for Emma, who confesses to killing her mother, Matt, and dozens of his patients. She is then imprisoned for life on multiple counts of murder. (SVU: "Bound")

Known Victims

  • Unknown date in 1997: Margaret Spevak (her mother; induced a fatal embolism by injecting an air bubble)
  • June 9, 2001, Piermont, New York: Claudia Wooding (strangled)
  • September 3, 2002, Brooklyn, New York: Susan Zelman (strangled)
  • 2004, Manhattan, New York:
    • March 22:
      • Donna Brooks (strangled)
      • Richard Sutton (suffered a heart attack as a result of Donna's murder; survived)
    • March 25-26:
      • Vivian Calas (induced a fatal embolism by injecting an air bubble, then framed as Matt's killer)
      • Matt Spevak (her twin brother; shot in the heart)