Enhanced Interrogation Techniques, a legal term for Torture, is a euphemism used by the United States Army and Central Intelligence Agency for treatment of prisoners that does not meet the standards for torture (as defined by US laws) but which produces essentially the same results. These may include blasting music at a subject for extended periods of time, leaving them in so-called "stress positions", and sleep deprivation. The intended effect is to leave the subject in a state in which they become highly motivated to give accurate information.

Naturally, such techniques are controversial. In 2005, Dr. Katrina Pynchon was arrested after it was discovered that she had used EIT on a patient, Robbie Boatman, who shortly afterwards killed a young man. (CI: "Scared Crazy") In 2007, the Special Victims Unit investigated a private military contractor, Helios, that was suspected of training its mercenaries in EIT. (SVU: "Harm")

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