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Eric Lund

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Eric Lund
Eric Lund
Name Eric Lund
Title Chief of Staff
Affiliation John Prescott's
2006 Congressional Campaign
Occupation Congressional Staffer
Pathology Facilitator of murder
Status Imprisoned
Actor Garret Dillahunt
First Appearance "Kingmaker"

Eric Lund was the Chief of Staff for New York Congressman John Prescott. Fiercely loyal to Prescott, he was notorious for ruthlessly attacking his boss' opponents. He was put on trial for leaking the name of the daughter of a rival, Senator Tom Baker, to reporter Veronica Drake. The daughter, Dana Baker, was an undercover cop with Manhattan North's Narcotics Division who was then in the process of infiltrating an Albanian drug cartel. The exposure of her identity led to her murder, and thus Lund was tried for manslaughter. He plead out to protect Prescott from further investigation from the Manhattan District Attorney's Office. (L&O:"Kingmaker")

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