Eric Lutz
Name Eric Lutz
Occupation Businessman
Pathology Serial rapist
Status Imprisoned
Actor Michael Trucco
First Appearance Smut

Eric Lutz was a wealthy serial rapist.


He used scopolamine, a Colombian drug known as "Colombian Devil's Breath", to drug his victims so they wouldn't remember the attack. He videotaped each assault to relive the experience later.

When he was arrested and tried for the rape of Kelly Sun, he claimed that he attacked women because he was addicted to violent pornography. When Detectives Benson and Stabler found his other victims, including his ex-fiancée Shannon browning, however, he panicked and incriminated himself. He was then imprisoned. for multiple counts of rape. (SVU: "Smut")

He is based on serial rapist Andrew Luster.

Known VictimsEdit

  • 2008:
    • May 22: Shannon Browning (his ex-fiancée)
    • June 30: Denise
    • August 19: Laurel Andrews
    • October 9: Unnamed woman
    • October 30-31: Kelly Sun

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