Eric Plummer
Eric Plummer
Name Eric Plummer
Occupation Lab worker
Pathology Alleged rapist
Serial killer
Family Valerie Plummer (ex-wife)
Status Deceased
Actor Justin Kirk
First Appearance "Wrath"

Eric Plummer was a serial killer who stalked Detective Olivia Benson in Wrath.


Plummer was imprisoned for a rape and assault that he did not commit. During his incarceration, he was beaten, raped, and tortured by the other inmates. The real perpetrator later managed to get away with the crime due to the statute of limitations expiring. After being exonerated seven years later by new DNA evidence, Plummer changed his name and began working at Baseline Labs. He sought vengeance against Detective Olivia Benson, who had handled his case.

He murdered four people connected to cases Benson investigated during her police career. Plummer then held a woman at gunpoint and was confronted by Benson. She tried to convince him to stand down by promising him that she would testify on his behalf and admit full responsibility for his actions. However, Plummer shoots down the offer, tells her there are no bullets in his gun, and prepares to fire at the hostage. He is then shot to death by Benson, who then finds out his gun was not loaded.

Known VictimsEdit

  • Detective Olivia Benson (stalked)
  • The bodies found at the federal facility:
    • Peter Cordell (the father of a rape-murder victim)
    • Carmella Barrantes (a rape victim)
    • Clayton Derricks (an abuse victim)
  • Bruce Derricks (Clayton Derricks' father and abuser)
  • Janice (held hostage with an unloaded gun)

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