Evan Ramsey
Name Evan Ramsey
Occupation Businessman
Pathology Alleged rapist
Family Rebecca Ramsey (wife)
Megan Ramsey (daughter)
Jodie Ramsey (daughter)
Lily Ramsey (daughter)
Status Deceased
Actor Brian Kerwin
First Appearance Repression

Evan Ramsey was a wealthy businessman and a suspect in the rape of his daughter Megan.

After Megan informed SVU detectives of the alleged rape, Evan was charged with one count of rape in the second degree and, after posting $500,000 bail, was ordered not to enter his home or come within 100 yards of his wife or daughters pending trial.

After Megan recanted her accusations against her father, Evan was cleared of the rape charge, but was ordered to move out of his home. He was later accidentally shot to death by Jodie.

When it was discovered that Megan's memory was manipulated by her psychiatrist, Dr. Wharton, no charges were filed against her, but against the psychiatrist herself. (SVU: "Repression")

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