CI, Episode 3.10
Production number: E4506
First aired: 4 January 2004
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Jack Cadogan
Teleplay By
Gerry Conway

Story By
Gerry Conway & René Balcer

Directed By
Darnell Martin


A female computer whiz is pushed off her balcony and Goren suspects either of two game creators or their former partner.


Main cast

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Robert Goren: Her laptop is missing. Is it in there?
G. Lynn Bishop: Only two things in here with batteries. None of them's a computer.

"When we catch this guy, he's going to owe me a bottle of aspirin."
James Deakins
"Gotchya, monkey brain. It's in the Clan of the Assassins level. All the bad guys use the same pattern of knife strikes, one-one-two."
MCS Computer Technician
Goren: Croydon. Croydon...McVee is another Croydon.
Bishop: Who-who's Croydon?
Goren: He ran out on his wife. Hitchens used him to get at me. And the pattern, one-one-two: it's Wally Stevens.
Bishop: I-I don't know what you're talking about.
Bishop: He was an actuary. He had a pattern of five. Five, five notes. Five...pins. Eames would have known...

"What're you running here, Raymond? A group home for computers?"
Robert Goren
"A computer geek who can clone himself. Scary thought."
G. Lynn Bishop
Ron Carver: He killed her to drive his partner back into his arms? That's almost juvenile.
Robert Goren: It's primitive. Panic is a primitive emotion. That's how he felt without his partner.

Jack Cadogan: I told you, I never met her. I didn't even know her name. She was just a gamer.
Robert Goren: Just a gamer. Your partner let a gamer get between you two. If my partner was putting me through that, abandoning me, leaving me vulnerable...impotent...for a nobody...n-no, that's unforgivable.

Robert Goren: Seven pounds, eight ounces.
Ron Carver: Excellent.
G. Lynn Bishop: It's great. You should call her. I'll handle the booking.

Background information and notes

  • Detective Eames gives birth (off-camera) to her nephew at the end of this episode. Actress Kathryn Erbe doesn't appear in this episode.
  • The title of this episode, "F.P.S.", is a reference to an abbreviation for First-person shooter, a type of video game distinguished by a first person perspective that renders the game world from the visual perspective of the fictional character.

Episode scene cards

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M&D Accounting Services
Queens, New York
Tuesday, November 4

El Centro Bodega
214 East 110th Street
Thursday, November 6

Gamer's City Server Farm
88 Avenue A
Tuesday, November 11

4 5 6

Office of Neil Colby
226 Greenwich Street
Thursday, November 13

Home of
Neil & Jody Colby
14 West 72nd Street
Monday, November 17

Arraignment Court
Friday, November 21

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