Faith Yancy
Faith Yancy
Name Faith Yancy
Occupation Reporter
Status Alive
Actor Geneva Carr
First Appearance "In the Wee Small Hours (1)"
Last Appearance "Lady's Man"

Faith Yancy is a reporter, and the host of the "Faith Yancy Hour". Former judge Harold Garrett once described her as a "Botoxed TV shrew", which would probably be how most would describe her.

She reported extensively on the disappearance of Iowa teen Bethany Lunden, who was later determined to have been killed by Garrett's wife. (CI: "In the Wee Small Hours (1)")

Later, she extensively reported on the Amberleigh Harner murder investigation. She interviewed Amberleigh's mother Beth regarding the apprehension of Simon Fife in the case, in addition to covering the arrest itself. She also interviewed Nate Royce about the arrest of his son in the case. (CI: "Masquerade")

She reported on the serial killer angle in once case, which turned out to be a red herring. (CI: "Neighborhood Watch")

She was later interviewed by Detectives Goren and Eames about her fellow co-worker and infamous killer Boz Burnham, who supposedly killed his first wife yet escaped conviction seven years ago because of faulty handling from the DA office, gets himself murdered. (CI: "Lady's Man")


Law & Order: Criminal Intent:


  • She is the parody version of CNN's Nancy Grace, as shown through her name, Faith Yancy, her physical characteristics, like her haircut, and her attacking nature.

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