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SVU, Episode 9.08
Production number: 9007
First aired: 20 November 2007
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Lake Fight
Written By
Mick Betancourt

Directed By
Juan J. Campanella

Summary Edit

Two troubled brothers are connected to murder investigation. However, detective Lake suspects that they are trying to put their lives back together, and that they are victims of a setup by a gang leader.

Plot Edit

A brutal murder of a teenage girl leads the detectives into the dangerous world of ultimate fighting. The investigation leads to two brothers who confessed that they had to rape the victim to enter a gang. The case gets harder when the leader of the gang and prime suspect is accidentally crushed in a trash compactor and one of the brothers lies to protect the other.

Lake, who is sympathetic to the brothers as he grew up in foster care like them, believes that they were set up and realizes that one is protecting the other, believing he committed the murder as his own cousin had once protected him in a similar way by taking an assault charge for him so he would be able to continue being a police officer.

With the help of Stabler, Lake locates a girl in the video from the frat party the boys were at and with the help of their mother, identifies her. The girl, the gang leader's biggest prostitute, reveals all she knows to Fin and Lake: she was taking pictures for her boss of the two so the he could use them as evidence when he was going to have her cry rape. He was planning to blackmail the brothers for their tuition money, but she'd refused so he beat her to death. The prostitute, scared, photographed him doing it for insurance and shows the pictures to the cops and Novak.

Novak drops the murder charge against Jadon and the attempted murder charge against Ezra, but can't do anything about the gun charge against him until Fin reveals that the gun got "lost" in transit which allows her to drop that too.

Lake gets the Dean at their college to reinstate them and plans to reunite them with their mother who had gotten off drugs, but Fin finds her dead of an overdose. Instead of breaking the news to them, Lake takes them out to dinner.

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Quotes Edit

Janelle: Hey, Uncle Tom, what's it like in the house?
Fin: 'Least I ain't sellin' it. Damn! White, black, I'm gettin' it from all sides today!
Lake: Hey, man, her pimp called me a Mexican.
Fin: Is that good or bad?

(Jadon is attempting to plead guilty to murder in order to draw suspicion away from his brother)

Woodrow: My client pleads not guilty, your honor.
Jadon: Your honor, I killed Julie Donovan. I plead guilty.
Judge Cohen: Listen to your attorney, son.
Jadon: [looks at Woodrow] You fired.

Latrice: Look at you actin' like you with it.
Fin: Little girl, I was through with it before you knew what to do with it.

(Lake has planned to reunite Jadon and Ezra Odami with their mother, but learns that she has overdosed... after he has promised them a surprise.)

Jadon: C'mon, man. We're waiting. What's the surprise?
Lake: (gives a convincing smile) I'm taking you guys to Red Lobster.

Lake(to male prostitute sleeping with Jadon and Ezra's mother) Pack it in unless you want to sleep at my house. (shows him his badge)

Background information and notes Edit

Nicole Austin is Ice-T's (Fin Tutuloa) wife

Episode scene cards Edit

1 2 3

Madison Square Garden
Wednesday, October 17

Kappa Delta Alpha
Fraternity House
Hudson University
Thursday, October 18

Rikers Island
Island Academy
Thursday, October 18

4 5 6

Part 38
Thursday, October 18

Marcy Courts
Brooklyn, New York
Friday, October 19

Apartment of
Janelle Odami
479 Marcy Avenue
Brooklyn, New York
Tuesday, October 30

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