A police car chase ends when the car the police are pursuing crashes into an oncoming lorry, killing the driver. They find another dead body in the boot, with his teeth and hands missing. Ronnie and his new partner Joe Hawkins (Ben Bailey Smith) investigate the death. After questioning a number of suspects, the victim, jeweller Harry Bernstein, has a sister who is on the jury for the trial of Dale Horgan, a drug dealer and murderer that Ronnie tries to apprehend years before. The sister, Rebecca Bernstein, received her brother's severed hands in a box with the message "not guilty". The defence barrister in the trial, Eleanor Richmond (Helen Baxendale), argues that the jury was tampered, and they are dismissed. However, the trial would still continue with Horgan's fate to be determined by the judge alone. However, the judge ultimately finds Horgan not guilty, reasoning that the prosecution has not met their burden of proof. However, Joe manages to convince a witness, a scared young graffiti artist, into revealing what transpired during Harry's murder, by sending him to the scene of the crime. After identifying the murderer, Joe and Ronnie question him, where he reveals that Horgan organised the murder. In turn, Ronnie arrests Horgan again for conspiracy to murder and perverting the course of justice.

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