"Foul Play"
L&O, Episode 12.21
Production number: E2222
First aired: 1 May 2002
  th of 456 produced in L&O  
th of 456 released in L&O
  th of 1106 released in all  
Written By
Richard Sweren & Stuart Feldman

Directed By
Richard Dobbs

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Background information and notes Edit

  • This case appears to be based on the Danny Almonte case, in that both the case in "Foul Play" and the real-life Almonte case involved a birth certificate being falsified to allow a boy above the age of eligibility to play in Little League. In this episode, Detective Ed Green even notes that there are "shades of Danny Almonte" in the "Foul Play" case.

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"Foul Play"
Law & Order
Season 12
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"Attorney Client"
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