Frank Deal
Don Newvine, Don Balderston, and Agent O'Connell
Date of birth
7 October 1958
Place of birth
Birmingham, Alabama, USA
IMDb profile

Frank Deal is an actor who played three different characters in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Law & Order. He played an Assistant District Attorney turned Defense attorney Don Newvine in the first and second seasons and FBI Agent O'Connell in fourteenth and fifteenth seasons. He also appeared in the Law & Order sixteenth season episode "Heart of Darkness" as Don Balderston.


Don Newvine
Don Balderston
Assistant District Attorney/Defense attorney Don Newvine Don Balderston FBI Special Agent O'Connell
"Sophomore Jinx"
"Heart of Darkness"
"Friending Emily"
"Chicago Crossover"
"Downloaded Child"

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