Frank Goren
Frank Goren
Name Frank Goren
Occupation Gambler
Pathology Drug addict
Family Frances Goren (mother; deceased)
William Goren (father; deceased)
Robert Goren (maternal half-brother)
Donny Carlson (son)
Molly (daughter)
Status Deceased
Actor Tony Goldwyn
First Appearance "Brother's Keeper"
Last Appearance "Frame"

Frank Goren (1958- August 24, 2008) was the son of Frances Goren and her husband William Goren, the older maternal half-brother of Detective Robert Goren, and the father of Donny Carlson (with Evelyn Carlson) and Molly.

He was addicted to both drugs and gambling. This caused him to constantly ask his family for money to feed his habits.

His occupation is unclear. Frances once claimed that he was a scientist, but little else is known about it.

He had a son, Donny Carlson, which was unknown to Frances and Robert. After Frances' death, he informed Robert of Donny's existence, and asked for his help getting the boy out of a psychiatric facility in which prisoners were being abused. When Donny escaped, Robert asked for Frank's help in finding him; when Frank refused, Robert disowned him. (CI: "Untethered")

Frank was murdered by Robert's nemesis Nicole Wallace at the behest of Declan Gage, who wished to "free" Robert from his troubled past. (CI: "Frame")


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