Frank Lowell
Frank Lowell
Name Frank Lowell
Actor Richard Bright
First Appearance "Starved"

Frank Lowell was an elderly man who lived at 152 Stanton Street in New York City. His wife of many years had cancer, and due to the agonizing pain she was in, he gave his wife her entire supply of cancer medication at once to help her commit suicide. Unknown to the both of them, the cancer medication had been diluted by pharmacist Jim Halliwell. Medical Examiner Elizabeth Rodgers determined that if the medication had not been diluted, she likely would still have been alive.

The suicide was discovered by Detectives Robert Goren and Alexandra Eames. When put to him as a hypothetical situation, ADA Ron Carver said he would be forced to prosecute a person involved in such a situation for the suicide. Goren and Eames, not wanting to put Mr. Lowell in jail while trying to put Halliwell there, then decided to get Halliwell to confess to the diluting scheme to preclude Carver from using Lowell's case as evidence. (CI: Malignant)