Frank Miller (2002)
Name Frank Miller
Affiliation United States Army
Division Special Forces
Army Intelligence
Occupation Former soldier
Pathology Vigilante
Status Imprisoned
Actor Terry Serpico
First Appearance Patriot
There was an different character named Frank Miller in the 1996 L&O episode Corpus Delicti.

Frank Miller was a former US Green Beret, later Army Intelligence, and a resident of New York City.

He was a veteran of Operation Desert Storm in 1991. He was a member of a Special Forces unit and was extensively trained in the tactics the unit used. His superior officers would later say that Miller believed that the United States should not have stopped until Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was killed. Miller would end up being twice passed over for promotion, and eventually left the Army.

He murdered a foreign national known as Joseph Hayden after discovering evidence that he was potentially a terrorist. (L&O: "Patriot")

Trivia Edit

Ironically, Frank Miller is the name of a real-life comic book writer who was said to have gone crazy after 9/11 and in 2008 he wrote Holy Terror a story where a Batman-rip-off killed Al Qaeda members & had numerous hateful and racist influences in it especially towards Arabics (All right Muhammad tell me everything you know oh and sorry for me guessing your name- Holy Terror)[citation needed]

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