Gabby Shaw
Lola kirke svu
Name Gabby Shaw
Family Unnamed father
Status Alive
Actor Lola Kirke
First Appearance Traumatic Wound

Gabby Shaw is a young woman who was set up to be gang-raped at a concert by her friends.


Shaw once dated Alex Peters and was a member of a group of friends that included them, Britt Yardley, and Jake Swenders. However, when Peters became jealous and possessive of her, Shaw was forced to break up with him in order to save herself. When he learned about this, Peters became enraged and convinced Yardley and Swenders to ostracize her as retaliation. The three then devised a scheme of retribution in which Shaw would be gang-raped. To that end, Yardley and Swenders became her friends again as part of the plan.

Traumatic WoundEdit

As Shaw and Yardley were getting ready to go to a rock concert, Yardley intentionally picked out a dress for Shaw that she would be unable to wear a bra under. At the concert, while Gabby was dancing with Swenders, her dress is pulled down, which leads to her being raped by several aggressive and drunk men at the concert. During the assault, a veteran-turned-bouncer, Frank Patterson, undergoes a psychotic episode from PTSD. Believing Shaw was a female veteran, he tried to protect her by jumping on top of her. Eventually, SVU is called in as Shaw is taken to the hospital. After her rape kit is done, she and the detectives go over pictures, and she tells them that she remembers the bouncer being on top of her.

Later, she is wheeled into the precinct, where she identifies six of the men who raped her. Shaw then says to Detective Benson that she wants to go home and be with her friends. Eventually, when it is revealed that Louis Priatti was the one who pulled her dress down, the detectives ask Shaw to call Louis and tell him that she knows it was him. This leads to Louis being arrested, and he reveals that Peters, Yardley, and Swenders put him up to it. Shaw is questioned about her relationship with Peters, and she reveals why she broke up with him. It is later revealed that Louis' brother Ralph, who was also in the military, took a video of the rape, which was posted on her boarding school's website. Shaw then watches as her former friends plead guilty to arranging to her gang-rape. (SVU: "Traumatic Wound")

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