Eames Garcia House

Detective Eames leaving the Garcia House.

Garcia House is a home for the mentally ill in New York City.

It was founded and operated by Lupe Garcia and her husband. The House offered shelter and medical care for its residents. They promised their residents that "They will always have a home", and never turned anyone away.

It was a highly regarded charity within the city, and the Garcias were frequent guests at dinners honoring those in the mental health field.

It would be exposed by Detectives Robert Goren and Alexandra Eames that Garcia House was stealing money from Medicare by billing for services which, at best, were poorly performed. For example, residents would be taken to "art therapy classes" which consisted of painting walls in offices. Other "classes" consisted of driving people around simply to charge Medicare for transportation. Their arrest put a stop to their theft.

The Garcia House was located at 299 East 9th Street. (CI:"See Me")

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