George Merritt
George Merritt
Name George Merritt
Affiliation Men's Privilege
Occupation Publisher
Status Alive
Actor Peter Bogdanovich
First Appearance "Sex Club"
Last Appearance "Bombshell"

George Merritt is a publisher of adult magazines, including Men's Privilege.

Due to his occupation, he always had women around him, and was rarely seen alone.

He often spent time at the sex club Bacchus & Venus.

He held an auction of memorabilia related to his magazine. The acquisition of one item, a black address book, led to a murder. He once said that he could not remember much of the contents of the book, which covered most of the 1980s, because they were a "wonderful blur". (CI: Sex Club)

He offered his prayers to Lorelai Mailer after the murder of her son, Justin Holland. (CI: Bombshell)


  • Merritt is based on Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, who has become notorious for surrounding himself with younger women.

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