George Zane
Name George Zane
Pathology Pedophile
Statutory rapist
Family Bella Zane (wife)
Diane Eskas (sister-in-law)
Gia Eskas (niece)
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Tim Guinee
First Appearance "Educated Guess"

George Zane is a sexual predator who has repeatedly raped his niece Gia since she was a child.

History Edit

After the SVU detectives are asked to investigate a witness claims and their interviews lead them to a frequent patient named Gia Eskas, but Gia denies that she was attacked even though her rape kit indicates a history of sodomy.

Detectives Benson and Rollins talk to Gia's mother who claims that Gia has been making false rape accusations since she was 12 years old. Eventually, the detectives are able to get Gia to admit that her uncle has been raping her for ten years. Once the detectives verify that Gia's uncle George disguised himself as a doctor to get access to Gia, he is arrested.

George claims that his relationship with Gia is consensual and they didn't have sex until she was 17 years old. Upon searching his and his wife's (Gia's mother's sister) Benson and Rollins find nude pictures of Gia when she was 14 years old which is enough evidence to convict George of multiple counts of rape going back ten years and send him to prison for 25 years on each count. (SVU: "Educated Guess")

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