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Gia Eskas
Name Gia Eskas
Affiliation La Guardia Psychiatric Hospital
Family Diane Eskas (mother)
Unnamed father
Bella Zane (aunt)
George Zane (uncle)
Status Alive
Actor Natasha Lyonne
First Appearance "Educated Guess"

Gia Eskas is a victim who was repeatedly raped by her uncle George Zane since she was a child. As a result of the sexual abuse, she suffered an emotional breakdown, did drugs and attempted to commit suicide on at least two occasions.


After he raped her in the mental hospital she was questioned by SVU detectives, but she refuses to answer their questions because she feels nobody would believe her. Eventually she admits that it was her uncle and that the reason she made false allegations against other men in here life in the past is because nobody believed her the first time she told them that George raped her. Eventually after searching George's house the detectives find nude pictures of her under George and her aunt's bed that proves he was raping her since she was 14 years old. (SVU: "Educated Guess")

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