Gina Logan
Name Gina Logan
Status Alive
Actor Cynthia LaForte
First Appearance "Justice Denied"

Gina Logan is Javier's most recent rape victim.


In 2013 during fleet week she went out partying with her friend Courtney and they drink some beer at a nearby bar. Courtney hooks up with a sailor at the bar while Gina decides to go home. When Gina gets to her apartment she is blitz attacked by Javier where be proceeds to bind, tortured her by cutting, poured ammonia in her eyes to blind her and raped her. After he leaves she manages to grab a telephone and call 911 and the EMTs eventually take her to the hospital. She is later interviewed by Detective Rollins about the rape. Gina tells Rollins she doesn't know her rapist but that he was Hispanic in a white Naval uniform and that he never spoke. A nurse eventually stops the interview and tells them to come back tomorrow. Gina eventually give Rollins a sketch of her rapist, though it is not that helpful.

After SVU starts to suspect Javier Gina is called to make an identification and Detective Benson hands her a photo array. Gina initially struggles but eventually picks Javier's photo out. Gina then angrily confronts Benson on leaving this guy to operate for eight years and blames them for not catching him sooner. As Benson is leaving she says softly "I'm sorry." (SVU: "Justice Denied")

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