Graham Winger
Name Graham Winger
Pathology Serial killer
Serial rapist
Serial kidnapper
Status Deceased
Actor Fred Arsenault
First Appearance Hunting Ground

Graham Winger is a serial killer, kidnapper, and rapist who preys on young prostitutes.


His modus operandi is to pick up a prostitute, rape her, and then take her to his isolated cabin, where he would hunt her down, calling it a game. Once he found her, he would make her hang herself, saying it was the only way to end the game.

Olivia Benson finds him with help from one of his surviving victims and goes to arrest him at his cabin, with Nick Amaro as backup. Winger corners her and rants about his hatred of women as he prepares to kill her. Just as he is about to pull the trigger, Amaro shoots and kills him. (SVU: "Hunting Ground")

He is based on serial killer Robert Hansen.

Known VictimsEdit

  • Unknown dates:
    • Alyssa Freamon (kidnapped, raped, hunted down, and asphyxiated)
    • Katie Walsh (kidnapped, raped, hunted down, and asphyxiated)
    • Ariel Green (kidnapped, raped, hunted down, and asphyxiated)
    • Hannah Bates (kidnapped, raped, hunted down, and asphyxiated)
    • Nicole James (kidnapped, raped, hunted down, and asphyxiated)
    • Nine unnamed women (all kidnapped, raped, hunted down, and asphyxiated)
    • Miranda Dalton (intended)
  • 2011:
    • September 5: Lizzie Zane (kidnapped, raped, and hunted; she escaped)
    • December 24: Roxie (kidnapped, raped, hunted down, and asphyxiated on December 31, 2011-January 1, 2012)
  • 2012:
    • February 3-4: Hayley Cole (kidnapped, raped, and hunted down; was rescued on February 12)
    • February 12: Detective Olivia Benson (held hostage and attempted to shoot)

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