Granger, McCullum, & Kerstetter is a law firm founded by attorney Lionel Granger. Serving some of the most exclusive clientele in Manhattan, in recent years it has become infamous for defending high-profile figures accused of sex crimes. In 2005, it was alleged that one of the firm's associates, Jason Whitaker, sent a false tip accusing Nina Zergin of having ties to a radical Islamist cell, which resulted in her nearly being deported from the country; at the time, Zergin was the sole witness in the Manhattan District Attorney's Office's case against Whitaker's client, Gabriel Duvall, who was accused of raping a number of young women, all of whom were either illegal immigrants or refugees. (SVU: "Night")

In 2009, the firm got a considerable black eye when Granger placed a mentally challenged defendant, Jeff Lynwood, on the stand, despite knowing that Lynnwood could not adequately defend himself, in order to get the boy so upset that it would make him appear to have no control over himself. This tactic nearly got Granger disbarred by the judge, Barry Moredock. (SVU: "Lead")


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