"Great Expectations"
SVU, Episode 18.11
Production number: 18008
First aired: 15 February 2017
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Written By
Kevin Fox
Brendan Feeney

Directed By
Martha Mitchell




SVU investigates the players of a top youth hockey team after a vicious locker room hazing.


Main cast

Guest cast




[When Olivia arrives at the hospital]
Olivia (to Carisi): Hey. What do we got?
Carisi: The victim's name is Jack Wilson. He's 13. He plays for the New York City Whitecaps.
Olivia: Which is...?
Carisi: The best youth hockey program in the state. Now, Jack's teammates had a game this morning, but they lost after he missed a last-second shot. Now, his mother noticed he was bleeding in the parking lot afterwards, drove him over here.
Olivia: You talk to the doctor?
Carisi: Yeah. He said there was tearing in his rectum caused by a blunt instrument. Like a... hockey stick. Sounds like a hazing.
Olivia: No, that sounds like sexual assault.

Olivia (about Jack's hockey teammates): Hey, where are we with these Bang Brothers?
Fin: The Bash Brothers. Like McGwire and Canseco.
Carisi: No, like Reed and Portman. [Olivia and Fin give him a blank look]

Olivia: Kyle, listen to me. We wanna help you and there's a real chance that you could go to prison for what you did to Jack.
Kyle Turner: But... I thought only adults could go to prison.
Olivia: Nope. Sometimes kids go, too.

Rollins (about Kyle Turner): I know he's our perp, but... the kid's a victim, too. There's no doubt that father's doing a number on him, and the mother, too.
Carisi: The mother?
Rollins: Yeah. What, she just sits there and watches it all happen, stands by silently? That's abuse.
Carisi: I get what you're saying, but it's... it's not that simple.
Rollins: Yeah, it is. Somebody lays a hand on Jesse, I'm gonna have something to say about, I guarantee it.

Helen Turner: Kyle will be fine. Everything is going to be okay.
Olivia: Mrs. Turner, everything will not be okay. That ship sailed once Jack stopped breathing.

Background Information and Notes

  • Originally, the episode was scheduled to air on November 9, 2016, but it was pushed back due to the 2016 MLB World Series.

Episode scene cards

1 2

Hudson Sports Complex
Pier 33, Hudson River Piers
Saturday, February 4

Mercy Hospital
365 West 32nd Street
Sunday, February 5

3 4

Mercy Hospital
365 West 32nd Street
Sunday, February 5

Family Court
Part 18
Tuesday, February 14

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"Motherly Love"
"Great Expectations"
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Season 18
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"No Surrender"
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