Hailey Van Kuren
Haley "Henry" Van Kuren
Name Hailey Van Kuren
Affiliation Lincoln Middle School
Occupation Student
Family Ellen Van Kuren (mother)
Mark Van Kuren (father)
Stella grandmother (deceased)
Unnamed cousin
Status Alive
Actor Bridger Zadina
First Appearance "Transitions"

Hailey Van Kuren (born Henry Van Kuren) is a thirteen-year-old transgender girl. She is the daughter of Mark and Ellen Van Kuren. Fighting between her parents over her decision to change her gender culminated in a brutal attack on her father, a crime in which she was initially a suspect.


Born Henry Van Kuren in 1995, Hailey always knew she was a girl. When she was four, she paraded into her parents living room in her cousin's tutu and announced she was a girl. She also tried to cut off her penis with nail clippers, screaming that God made a mistake. Her parents initially viewed this as a phase. However, as she continued to demonstrate effeminate behavior, her father attempted to "fix" her, taking her to a shrink who declared that Hailey's transsexualism could be corrected if she were encouraged to act like a boy, i.e. wearing clothing typically associated with boys. Her father's attempts succeeded only in making Hailey miserable, and at age ten, she attempted to commit suicide by drinking bleach.

After the trial was over, her father finally accepted her for who she was and started supporting her decisions. (SVU: "Transitions")