Hannah Milner
Name Hannah Milner
Occupation Student
Family Camille Walters (biological mother)
Victor Ramos (biological father)
Mr. and Mrs. Milner (adoptive parents)
Status Alive
Actor Odeya Rush
First Appearance "Branded"

Hannah Milner is the biological daughter of Camille Walters and Victor Ramos. Like Olivia Benson, Hannah is the product of her mother's rape, though initially Camille did not know who the father was because she was gang raped.


Hannah was given up for adoption by her mother the day after she was born and Mr. and Mrs. Milner became her adoptive parents.

Detective Benson learned of Hannah's existence after Camille broke down and told her about her daughter, whom she recognized from the familiar sound of her laughter in the park.

Later looking at a file, Benson discovered where Hannah was living and got her to take an DNA test as Hannah is the living proof of Camille's rape.

Hannah testified in court, confirming Camille was her real mother and said "the man in the blue shirt" was her father. Alexander Gammon became angry when she "said" that he was her biological father until Hannah revealed she was talking about Victor.

Upon learning he had a daughter, Victor broke down and confessed to raping Camille, and said that Gammon had paid off several of his other victims not to testify. Hannah and her mother reunited at the end of the episode.

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