Hannah Schwartz
Hannah schwartz
Name Hannah Schwartz
Affiliation Tribeca Academy
The Fremont School (former)
Occupation Principal
Guidance counselor (former)
Status Alive
Actor Emily Dorsch
First Appearance "Born Psychopath"
Last Appearance "Granting Immunity"

Hannah Schwatz is a school employee with a masters degree in school counseling, who usually works at various elementary and middle schools.


Hannah originally worked as a guidance counselor at the Freemont school. Detectives Fin and Rollins talk to her about one of her troubled students, Henry Mesner, and his problems at home. She explains to them that Henry has no current diagnosis and tells them how he transferred to Freemont in the 4th grade because his parents felt his old school was too "test oriented". She explains to the detectives that Henry is unpredictable and even with these problems his parents refuse to let him see a therapist. (SVU: "Born Psychopath")

Hannah later was transferred to Tribeca Academy and eventually earned a job as the principal of the school. She is seen telling Gabriel Dole and another student to get to class and later confiscates another student's phone, in which she finds disturbing images of a "rainbow party" held by some of the students. She calls Sergeant Olivia Benson and informs them of the party and the known participants, including Gabriel. She helps try to calm the parents down when they are all called down to the school for questioning. She later helps SVU confiscate the students' phones after the videos and photos go viral to the child photo dark net sites and voices the concerns of the parents.

She runs into Trudy Malko, Gabriel's biological mother, who voices her contempt at how invasive this is. However, Hannah reassures her with the fact that she probably doesn't want the photos circulating the internet and Benson backs her with the claim that it is to protect her son. Hannah later informs Benson of Trudy's lifestyle website. When a measles outbreak breaks out at the school, she calls the CDC and does her best to help the SVU without breaking confidentiality. She is later forced to close the school and informs detectives Fin and Amaro that all of the students are required to get vaccinations for measles. She then helps them search for it and finds out Dr. Eric Setrakian falsified the vaccinations with the help of Trudy. (SVU: "Granting Immunity")

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