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L&O, Episode 9.16
Production number: E0213
First aired: 3 March 1999
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Briscoe McCoy Carmichael Harm
Written By
René Balcer & Eddie Feldmann

Directed By
Richard Dobbs

Plot Edit

Carmichael goes up against two doctors who are charged with criminally negligent homicide after a patient dies during a routine surgery.

Cast Edit

Main cast Edit

Recurring cast Edit

Guest cast Edit

References Edit

Quotes Edit

"A straight forward divorce matter? That's a new one on me."
Lennie Briscoe
"If Lennie's taking the side of the ex-wife, there has to be something to it."
Anita Van Buren
"The only thing I hate worse than going to a doctor is going to a doctor who lies to me."
Lennie Briscoe

Background information and notes Edit

  • This episode appears to be based on the headlines of the Lisa Smart medical malpractice case in New York City.

Episode scene cards Edit

1 2 3

Columbus and 71st Street
Tuesday, January 6

Office of
Michelle DeVeo
Pekcinpath & Greene
Thursday, January 8

Medial Office of
Rudnick, Weiss & Michaels
602 Lexington Avenue
Tuesday, January 13

4 5 6

St. Mark's Hospital
327 Amsterdam Avenue
Thursday, January 15

Bioengineering Dept.
St. Mark's Hospital
Tuesday, January 20

Apartment of
Claudia Panatti
57 West 72nd Street
Thursday, January 22

7 8 9

Forensics Laboratory
Jamaica, Queens
Monday, January 26

Supreme Court
Trial Part 47
Tuesday, January 24

Supreme Court
Trial Part 47
Thursday, February 26

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Season 9
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