Harold Garrett
Harold Garrett
Name Harold Garrett
Occupation Former Judge
Pathology Rapist
Status Imprisoned
Permanently disbarred
Actor Colm Meaney
First Appearance In the Wee Small Hours (1)
Last Appearance In the Wee Small Hours (2)

Harold Garrett was a Judge in the New York State Supreme Court. In 2005, when he'd been on the bench for 15 years, he came under investigation when his son Ethan was accused of raping and murdering an Iowa girl, Bethany Lunden. Further investigation by the Major Case Squad revealed that Judge Garrett himself had raped Lunden shortly before her death. He was put on trial and found guilty, and is now serving a lengthy sentence. Initially, it was believed that he had murdered the girl, but it was revealed that his wife had done that. Prior to his trial, after he confessed in a moment of anger to the rape, he resigned as a judge and gave up his license to practice law. (CI: "In the Wee Small Hours (1-2)")

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