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Harold Starnes
Name Harold Starnes
Pathology Convicted serial rapist
Convicted murderer
Family Darrell Guan (son with Susan Guan)
Daniel Shelby (son with Martha Shelby; deceased)
Status Alive
Actor Arthur French
First Appearance "Inheritance"

Harold Starnes is a murderer and serial rapist. Starnes was eventually imprisoned on four rapes and a murder he committed and was suspected of raping three other women in Harlem.

He impregnated two of his victims, Martha Shelby and Susan Guan, and they each gave birth to a boy: Martha had a son named Daniel, while Susan had a son named Darrell. Daniel died two hours after a premature birth. Darrell, on the other hand, was neglected and ostracized by his mother and her family, and grew up to be a serial rapist and murderer, just like his father.

Later in life, Starnes was released from Clinton Correctional Facility and sent to live in a halfway house for people with disabilities, as he had contracted progressive multiple sclerosis. (SVU: "Inheritance")

Known VictimsEdit

  • 1977, Brooklyn, New York: Susan Guan (raped and impregnated)
  • Late-1970s, Manhattan, New York:
    • At least three unnamed women (all raped)
    • Martha Shelby (raped and impregnated)
    • Unnamed woman (raped and murdered)

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