UK, Episode 6.03
Production number:
First aired: 20 January 2012
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Written By
Suzie Smith

Directed By
Mat King


After being hit by a car dying burglar Jimmy O'Docherty confesses to killing teen-aged Amanda Bennett fourteen years earlier. At the time Ronnie arrested Simon,her father,who got life but was released on appeal after three years. Now three sources come forward to say that Jimmy's partner in crime Ricky Phelps admitted to the murder and he stands trial. His barrister Philip Nevins not only discredits the prosecution witnesses but points to the fact that,at the time of the original investigation Ronnie was an alcoholic and his colleague Bernard Rawlins hooked on prescription drugs,questioning the validity of the new accusation. Ronnie must draw on his past recollections to see that justice is done.


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