"Heart of Darkness"
L&O, Episode 16.13
Production number: 16013
First aired: 18 January 2006
  th of 456 produced in L&O  
th of 456 released in L&O
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Don Balderston
Written By
Carter Harris

Directed By
Richard Dobbs

Plot Edit

McCoy pursues murder charges against a woman in an assisted suicide case, but he finds out during the trial that a third party may have also been involved, after spotting the shadow of a third person in the video of the death. On the stand, McCoy forces the victim's girlfriend Angela to admit that the shadow in the video was the victim's brother, Gerald. Angela explains that it was actually Gerald who did most of the work, and McCoy offers her a ten year sentence in exchange for testifying against Gerald. They discover that the victim, Tadhg, ruined Gerald's life by his constant demands, resulting in the failure of his marriage and a chance to start a new life, and that their mother spent her savings to pay Tadhg's drug debts. McCoy suggests in court that this caused heavy resentment in Gerald and was the real reason he killed his brother, something Gerald is unable to respond to. Later, in a private meeting with McCoy and Borgia, Gerald states that he did love his brother and he did have the best intentions when he started to help him kill himself; however, the resentment got to him in the end. McCoy offers him 15 years in prison for Tadhg's death, but Gerald offers to take more if Angela's sentence is reduced, as all she did was love Tadhg and try to help him. McCoy agrees and Angela's sentence is reduced to 3 years while it is not stated what Gerald ultimately gets.

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Background information and notes

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"Family Friend"
"Heart of Darkness"
Law & Order
Season 16
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