Heba Salim
Name Heba Salim
Family Unnamed father
Sakina Salim (mother)
Fareed Salim (brother)
Status Alive
Actor Summer Bishil
First Appearance Criminal Stories

Heba Salim is a young Muslim woman who was raped by her brother Fareed Salim's bosses Elias Kemp, Jr. and Mike Sullivan.

History Edit

When Fareed's office holds an office party, Heba attends. After her brother leaves, she is invited into Kemp's office. After she has a few drinks with Kemp and Sullivan, she is sexually assaulted. After being raped, she leaves the building. Fearing that reporting the rape would cost her brother's job, Salim goes to Central Park and covers herself with dirt. After being taken to the hospital, she tells the SVU detectives that she was assaulted by two strangers because she was Muslim. She then receives support from Curtis Scott, her family, and the community for being the victim of a hate crime. During the investigation, Jimmy MacArthur publishes an article in the newspaper claiming that Salim lied about what happened to her.

A video showing her crossing the street after she had been raped is later found. Detectives Amaro and Rollins go to Salim and her family's house to question her about what happened. When they show her the video, she becomes upset. When her mother Sakina comes into the room and asks what's happening, Salim tells her that the police don't believe her. Sakina tells her that they just want to make the crime go away and then tells the detectives to leave. Eventually, the SVU detectives are able to get the family to trust them again. Salim tells them and Scott that Kemp and Sullivan raped her and that she covered it up because she was afraid her brother would lose his job as a result of reporting it.

In court, Salim tells the jury about how Kemp and Sullivan assaulted her. Their attorney John Buchanan tries to claim that the sex was consensual and uses her original claim that she was the victim of a hate crime to discredit her. MacArthur publishes another article to support Salim, which is later read by the jury outside of the courtroom. As a result, Buchanan asks for a mistrial, claiming that the paper was prejudicial to his clients. A.D.A. Barba tries to argue that the jury had originally read articles that were prejudicial to Salim, and that the trial should continue. However, Judge Karyn Blake grants Buchanan's request. Kemp later offers Salim a settlement in which she will gain money so her brother can finish school in exchange for her not testifying again. When Fin and Rollins ask her why she took the settlement, she tells them that as far as her family was concerned, she had already lost her honor, and that at least her brother would be able to finish school. (SVU: "Criminal Stories")

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