Henry Muller
Name Henry Muller
Title Forensic Scientist
Affiliation New York Police Department
Pathology Pedophile
Status Imprisoned
Actor Dylan Baker
First Appearance "Major Case"

Dr. Henry Muller is a well known forensics expert who frequently performs work for the NYPD, including the Major Case Squad.


He had written several books and would appear on television programs. Beneath his respectable facade, however, he is a pedophile who lusts after adolescent girls. He specializes in murder cases involving teenage girls, examining their bodies as a way of venting his sexual urges.

He murders his teenage neighbor Grace Purefoy in a fit of rage after she rejects his advances and calls him a pervert. He then cleans her body and gets rid of all forensic evidence tying him to the crime. He also used his authority to access evidence in the case and alter it to his advantage. He tries to frame Grace's mother's boyfriend, but Detective Zach Nichols eventually discovers his guilt and gets him to confess. Muller is then imprisoned for murder. (CI: Major Case)

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