Henry Talbott
Name Henry Talbott
Occupation Lawyer
Pathology Spree killer
Cocaine addict
Family Denise Talbott (wife)
Unnamed son
Unnamed daughter
Status Executed
Actor Griffin Dunne
First Appearance "Jones"

Henry Talbott was a corrupt lawyer who murdered four of his clients, who were also his lovers.


Talbott graduated from Yale Law School and established a practice as a personal injury lawyer. Most of his money, however, came from his wealthy wife, Denise, with whom he had two children. Talbott was addicted to cocaine and gambling, and financed his addictions by embezzling from his clients. He also had sexual relationships with several of his female clients. He preferred petite women because they made him feel as if he was more sexually well-endowed than he actually he was.


Talbott murdered four of his lovers (Angie Suarez, Irina Konchalovsky, Marie Rimer, and Dana Nolan) when they began demanding bigger commitments from him; he feared they would tell Denise and expose his fraud. When Goren and Eames questioned him, Talbott tried to throw suspicion onto Rand Bowers, a former employee. Bowers told them about Talbott's addictions, however, and Goren came to suspect him. Goren and Eames searched his house and discovered semen from a condom Talbott had used during one of his trysts. Denise steadfastly defended him, however. She even went to drop off money to Talbott's bookie, which allowed Goren and Eames to arrest her and, eventually, Talbott.

In the interrogation room, Talbott tried to seduce Eames, who played along in order to show Denise, who was watching behind a two-way mirror, what kind of a man her husband really was. Horrified, Denise told Goren that she had seen Talbott throwing out women's clothes that were linked to the victims. Goren then confronted Talbott about his insecurities, getting him agitated to the point where he incriminated himself in the murders. When Goren told him that Denise had given him up, he flew into a rage and shattered the window, alternately cursing her and pleading with her not to leave him. He is then found guilty of the murders and executed.

Known Victims

  • Angie Suarez (drowned)
  • Marie Rimer (drowned)
  • Irina Konchalovsky (strangled)
  • Dana Nolan (bludgeoned)